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Philosophie der Kognition

Prof. Dr. Beate Krickel



Raum: H 7153


Sprechstunde: Do 15-16 via Zoom LINK
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Persönliche Website: beatekrickel.com

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Lehre im WiSe 2020/21



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Veranstaltungen des Fachgebiets

Dienstag, 02.02.2021

Dr. Judith Martens (Vienna): "Autonomous Agents and 'Being Set-Up to Set-Off'"

Art der Veranstaltung:

Autonomous agency is traditionally thought in terms of reasons and rationality. An autonomous agent is a self-positing reflective self-conscious agent. This gets expressed in the agent’s rational deliberation about reasons for action. Such conceptions focus on self-sufficiency, self-legislation, and self-determination.
At the same time, we find research in sociology and cognitive science showing that the coherence and normativity of our behaviour often stems from other sources.
In this talk I will introduce Bourdieu’s idea of a habitus and how a habitus can set the agent up to set-off. I will further explore and extend his ideas with cognitive science inspired analyses of habits, skills, and attention.
With these tools in hand I will return to the question of autonomy, acting for reasons, and normativity. Rather than to attack the idea of an autonomous agent based on the idea that much of our cognition is implicit and therefore “not in control of the agent”, I look for means to interweave the implicit and the explicit.

Prof. Dr. Beate Krickel
  • kontakt@kognitionsphil.tu-berlin.de,
Online (Zoom-Link nach Anmeldung)
10:15 - 11:45

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