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Maria Rentetzi

Maria Rentetzi

Principal Investigator

The history of radiation protection is more than just a story of scientific cooperation in an international level that required interstate relations and assumed rigid national boundaries. It asks for a broader conception of international relations, science diplomacy, and circulation of knowledge, materials, and expertise, all pointing to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Indeed, established in 1957, the IAEA has become the most influential player in implementing dosimetric methods worldwide and in establishing protocols of practice in medicine and industry. It is the only United Nations body with specific statutory responsibilities for radiation protection and safety in all sectors. Through the exchange of scientific and technical information, the circulation of materials and personnel, but certainly with highly sensitive political and diplomatic negotiations the IAEA proves to be the organization that defines radiation protection today.
Professor Rentetzi coordinates the ERC research group and pursues the highly interdisciplinary research that this project requires.


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